Finally, a tool to natively monitor and investigate one-off dynos

Know what one-off dynos are running when, whether they succeed and how long they take. It's the one-off dyno add-on you have always wanted.

Specially built for Heroku.

The First in One-off Dyno Metrics

One-off Metrics is the only solution on the market that provides native one-off dyno metrics right out of the box.

Super Simple, yet Super Powerful

Integration in your Heroku app takes 1 click. Data starts flowing in the second after you install One-off Metrics.

Gain Insight in One-off Dynos

One-off dyno metrics help developers investigate and diagnose issues with their one-off dynos running on Heroku.

No More Dynos that Fail Silently

Threshold alerting makes sure your one-off dynos are actively monitored for failures, execution times and more.

Heroku Scheduler Upgrade

One-off Metrics is ideal for visualising and monitoring the one-off dynos that run your Heroku Scheduler jobs.

Stop Losing Valuable Time

Using One-off Metrics, knowing how to resolve issues with your one-off dynos becomes very straight-forward.

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